Revamped branding and redesigned website!

IMETRIK Global Inc. announces today its new corporate identity, with the launch of its new branding. Designed by TAXI, this logo reflects modernity and sleekness. The selected font is geometrical, round and simple, yet distinctive for a maximal impact and readability. In addition, the stencil look of some letters represents the plug-and-play capacity of IMETRIK’s solutions.

The letter “I” both in IMETRIK’s logo and symbol calls to mind the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) industry, with the two extremities being connected the same way IMETRIK’s technologies connect two machines without human intervention.

The tagline, “Simplify Things”, evokes iMetrik solutions’ simplicity, since it handles the whole M2M value chain. IMETRIK aims at simplifying its clients’ business decisions and processes, by being an end-to-end partner. Plus, “Simplify Things” also suggests the vastly known Internet-of-Things (IoT) concept.

The green color of IMETRIK’s symbol has been picked for its technological and environment-friendly qualities. Green is synonymous with comprehension, which is intimately linked to simplicity, and with growth, which is synched to IMETRIKs vision of being a horizontal M2M platform. This particular green is intense, franc and dynamic, reflecting contemporary style.

New website

IMETRIK also comes up with a brand-new website, completely redesigned by Un Zeste de Génie agency, and Francis Champoux as Artistic Director and Graphic Designer.

Responsive and ergonomic, this web destination showcases IMETRIK’s solutions, products and approach to M2M industry – and much more.

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