(White Paper) Demystifying 2G vs 3G, CDMA vs GSM

IMETRIK introduces the  "Demystifying" White Papers Series.

This first edition enables you to better understand the differences between 2G and 3G networks, and CDMA and GSM wireless technologies, by answering two big questions: 

1. Should you switch to 3G now?

2. Which wireless technology should you choose for your GPS devices, since the “technology network war” still remains with CDMA in one corner of the ring and GSM in the opposite one?

Find out by reading IMETRIK's first free white paper "Demystifying 2G vs 3G, CDMA vs GSM": http://www.imetrik.com/userfiles/files/Demystifying_2Gvs3G_CDMAvsGSM.pdf

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